tanzanian safari

Lioness Fighting.

Drama with the Lioness.
Katavi National Park.
We were having high tea - as one does on Safari - when Jairo, our Chada Katavi guide rushes to say we should get going because the camp manager Hamza has spotted a few lioness in a tense mood. We hopped in our Safari vehicle thinking we were going to see a hunt - topis were close by and on edge - instead, what we saw was Nat Geo worthy. A fight between a single lioness, who we believe was trying to hide her cubs and walked away from the den and two lionesses from the Chada pride who were trying to protect their territory.

lion_fight1 copy.jpg

What we witnessed was dramatic! I was nervous because I was not prepared to see a fatality. The single lioness showed all the signs of submission - she was yawning, licking, lying really low - nothing helped. It all transpired in less than a minute and a half. Enjoy the sequence. 

lion_fight3 copy.jpg
lion_fight4 copy.jpg
lion_fight5 copy.jpg
lion_fight6 copy.jpg
lion_fight7 copy.jpg
lion_fight9 copy.jpg
lion_fight10 copy.jpg
lion_fight13 copy.jpg
lion_fight14 copy.jpg
lion_fight16 copy.jpg
lion_fight17 copy.jpg

And done. The Chada pride's territory was marked with lots of rubbing the bushes and a pee here and there. They two Chada lionesses walked away after a few minutes into the bushes - we had sundowners with them. 

lion_fight18 copy.jpg
lion_fight22 copy.jpg

One of the Chada lionesses may have bitten the mama lioness hard - see some red around her teeth - but I think everyone left intact. 

lion_fight24 copy.jpg

You never know what you will see on Safari.
These are my Safari Stories from my Epic Tanzanian Safari to Katavi National Park, Mahale Mountains, and Ruaha National Park. 

Yes, Safari Party

Tanzania, you bring so many people together. 

When Jann came back from her second Safari where she took her friends to Tanzania, asked if I would come to California for a post Safari party, I said YES. I am so glad I did.

We shared so many different Safari stories over glasses of wine. Jann, my lovely friend knows how to throw a great party. She asked the McLeans who had been on the first Safari with her as well as friends who are interested in going to Tanzania - the Safari bug is contagious. 

The group that went with Jann enjoyed a reminiscing party. We enjoyed going over the Safari photos and there were many good ones to ooo and ahhh over. And yes, lots of Safari Stories.

Judy and Kathy talked about their wonderful time with the Maasai ladies in Mkuru. Jeff, the only guy in the group, called himself the harem leader -- maybe like the impalas. He really enjoyed his time with the Hadzabe tribe. The hunting for food and berries was truly an experience he would want people to partake on their Journey To Africa Safari. Karen and Linda were just so happy they said Yes to joining Jann on her Safari. 

Jeff and Hadzabe

Here's to saying Yes.
Yes to going on a Safari with Jann.
Yes to meeting up with a great bunch of friends and sharing our Safari Stories.
Yes to many more Safaris to Tanzania in the future for Jann, Judy, Kathy, Karen, Jeff and Linda and their friends.

Yes. Make your Safari Party happen. I would love to come for a pre or post Safari Party.
I am always up for a Tanzania chat. 

The Great Migration in Northern Serengeti.

News from the bush //


The Wildebeests moving into an area very close to Olakira Camp in Northern Serengeti. Taken around 6:45 am on our morning game drive.

As much as you see pictures, read articles or watch videos, nothing really prepares you and your senses when you are in the middle of the Great Wildebeest and Zebra Migration, one of the Natural Wonders of the World.  The sheer numbers of Wildebeests and Zebras. The grunting and galloping sounds. The smell from these animals. The single file walking. The springy trotting. The predators [amazing 20+ lions enjoying a wildebeest] that are enjoying a field day as ‘food’ is finally abundant.

This is how I feel when sitting in the middle of the herd in one of my favorite areas, Northern Serengeti [which is a great place to visit year round].

They usually arrive into Northern Serengeti in late June to early July but as with anything in nature, that varies year round. The Wildebeest and Zebra Migration; unpredictable and awesome in its splendor.

I know you want to see this phenomenon. Let’s chat and get you here.