What can we say...at the risk of hyperbole it was truly, truly an enriching, fulfilling, thrilling and amazing trip. Thanks again for everything...it all ran very, very smoothly.
— Terry Heally + Jennifer Connely (Boston, MA)
“Journey to Africa was everything we needed … a great experience, from planning to execution, to our return home. Very fair pricing, and very attentive team, in particular Mefi. Our time and money were very well spent for the trip of a lifetime!
— Joshua and Teri Galvan
We hoped our trip to Tanzania would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It proved to be MORE than that. It left us hungry for more…to see the country at a different time of year (when it is green, flowering, and the rivers are rushing), to visit more of its national parks and game reserves, to see the wildebeest calving, to see Lake Victoria, to spend more time looking and shopping for crafts, to actually see Mount Kilimanjaro, to visit Dar Es Salaam, to see Pemba, to sit in front of the fire at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge again….It looks as though once in a lifetime will not be enough.
— The Goffs