safari party

Yes, Safari Party

Tanzania, you bring so many people together. 

When Jann came back from her second Safari where she took her friends to Tanzania, asked if I would come to California for a post Safari party, I said YES. I am so glad I did.

We shared so many different Safari stories over glasses of wine. Jann, my lovely friend knows how to throw a great party. She asked the McLeans who had been on the first Safari with her as well as friends who are interested in going to Tanzania - the Safari bug is contagious. 

The group that went with Jann enjoyed a reminiscing party. We enjoyed going over the Safari photos and there were many good ones to ooo and ahhh over. And yes, lots of Safari Stories.

Judy and Kathy talked about their wonderful time with the Maasai ladies in Mkuru. Jeff, the only guy in the group, called himself the harem leader -- maybe like the impalas. He really enjoyed his time with the Hadzabe tribe. The hunting for food and berries was truly an experience he would want people to partake on their Journey To Africa Safari. Karen and Linda were just so happy they said Yes to joining Jann on her Safari. 

Jeff and Hadzabe

Here's to saying Yes.
Yes to going on a Safari with Jann.
Yes to meeting up with a great bunch of friends and sharing our Safari Stories.
Yes to many more Safaris to Tanzania in the future for Jann, Judy, Kathy, Karen, Jeff and Linda and their friends.

Yes. Make your Safari Party happen. I would love to come for a pre or post Safari Party.
I am always up for a Tanzania chat.