Food on Safari

One question that I often get from clients booking their Tanzanian Safari is, "What is the food going to be like on Safari"? Yummy! If you are staying in our preferred lodges and tented camps, I can confidently say ::

  • Fresh and Tasty. Our chefs will cook you some amazing meals with basic equipment. Think hot and fresh breads + beef and veggie barbeque using a coal grill + organic salad plucked from the garden right around the corner as in Plantation Lodge. They really want you to enjoy their culinary experience.
  • Well Prepared. Our well-trained camp chef and crew will come up with gourmet meals in the middle of the bush and they are prepared in high standards. The last thing anybody wants is a sick person on Safari. 

And... besides the food, think beautiful setting 

On Safari you normally start off your day with a wake-up call. You can start really early should you have chosen to go on a sunrise morning game drive or morning Walking Safari. You sit on your lovely patio and have your cookie [biscuits as we say in Tanzania] and sip your hot cuppa tea or coffee listening to the sounds of the wild and watching the sun rise. 

A perfect start to your day on Safari!

Breakfast on Safari

A good breakfast to start off the day full of adventures. You are going to have an array of options. Cereals, variety of juices, eggs with warm bread sometimes cooked in the bush for a bush breakfast, bacon and potatoes and more.  Nothing like having the most important meal of the day with a great view as you see here from Sayari Camp in Northern Serengeti.

When on your game drive, you need a snacks.
Game driving is tough! Our vehicles carry water, soft drinks, juice and snacks which you can enjoy during your game drive. In some areas, like what we are experienced in Northern Serengeti, you can stop, set a table and enjoy your snack with the animals close by.

Don’t worry. Our guides will choose an open area away from the thick bushes. 


Dinner time.
Soft flicker of the candles or lanterns invite you to your table. Here you will chill with a glass of wine or the drink of choice while chatting with other Safari goers or share a meal with the camp manager and share stories that go beyond the parks you are visiting.  Bush dinners are available for those who want a private dinner or just want to sit under the stars. Bon appetite!

And the wonderful cycle begins again for the rest of your Safari.

Doesn't that make you want to be on Safari snacking or having a delicious meal right now?
We can Make It Happen. Life worth Exploring.