Safari Documents

Here is an incident I am embarrassed to admit. I have advised clients on this matter after all.

I was checking into  Zanzibar Airport coming back to Arusha after a great time in Stone Town and the beach of Nungwi with my husband and the kids. At the check-in counter, I could not find my paper ticket for my flight back. This was not the little Safari airstrip where guides take care of you. This was the International Airport. I frantically searched all the pockets of my backpack. No luck. Lucky for me, I was going back to Arusha [and not getting on board an international flight], the Regional Airline office was near by and they printed a ticket for me.

My  Everlane  Backpack. 

My Everlane Backpack. 

Lesson learnt. Always keep your documents in one bag.

Here are five items that I carry with me at all time on Safari:
- Passport.
A given - this is your ticket home. I also give a copy of my passport to my family in the US. A client had given me a copy of her passport and when they were in South Africa, their bag was stolen. I was glad I could help by emailing them their passport copy.
- Paper e-tickets.
Print your International Airline tickets before you leave. Don't depend on your phone. On arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport, a hard copy is needed to enter - and don't bother arguing with the official. It does not work. I have tried. 
- Money.
Keep $100 per person handy [if you are a US Citizen] for the visa should you be getting that at the airport. The rest for tips, drinks, shopping, etc. should be carried with you always. We have detailed guidelines on our Traveling Tips which we share with our clients.
- Vaccination paperwork if applicable.
If you are coming from another African country, you will need to get Yellow Fever vaccination. Otherwise, vaccination is your choice. 
- Phone numbers for various people.
This is should Plan B need to go into place.
+ Phone numbers for your Travel Insurance - highly recommended to get insurance.
+ Phone numbers of the ground crew - we will provide this to you.
+ My mobile phone number in Houston. 
You never know why you may need to make a phone call. Some examples; missing your international flight, breaking a leg in Amsterdam on the way to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, or calling me in the US because you want to stay longer in Zanzibar and are willing to incur all the change cost. We made it all work. 

Note here:
When you are on Safari, your local flights ticket on the Safari route from say Manyara to Serengeti and Serengeti back to Kilimanjaro will be with your Safari guide in Tanzania. The airstrips have you on the flight manifest and you don't need a ticket printout. If you are flying to a location where our guides are not with you, we will have a tickets for you so you don't fall into the predicament I was in.

Everlane backpack on Safari

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