Style on Safari.

Let's talk about how to look good and comfortable on Safari?
- Good because shouldn't we always pay attention to how we dress at anytime. And if we think we look good, we feel happy.
- Comfortable because that is just what you need on Safari. You will go from game driving in either a closed or open vehicle with dust flying in to enjoying dinner on arrival at the camp because you stayed out a bit too long enjoying the evening's golden hour. Nothing wrong with that by the way.

These two ladies should know a thing or two about style. They are after all Houston's leading fashion bloggers. Sheree and Natalie are both wearing Kuhl's Rekon Jacket. The jacket is versatile enough that you can wear back home. Sheree is wearing her Kuhl Pants and Natalie is wearing her Prana pants. You get the general idea - no wrinkle pants, pants that dry up quickly and can be zipped open into shorts. Some even have bug repellants. 

Having 2 to 3 such pants is all you need on Safari. Re-wearing is totally acceptable on Safari. 

Style Tips:
- Sheree and Natalie upped their style with a bandana. They wore is around their necks as well as using it as a hair accessory. Always a good idea to have items that work in multiple ways. 
- Buying local jewelry. Sheree and Natalie got to shop at the Tanzania Maasai Women Arts's shop on our Tanzania with Mefi Safari. You too can do that before you head out on Safari. The lodges in Arusha will have local accessories in their gift shop. Or bring your own from home.

My buddy Carlos with his friend John and our amazing guide Ayoub.
Keep it neutral to distract bugs who love blue and black - though I am guilty of wearing those colors. Neutral colors also let you blend in with the environment. Keep it comfortable. Look for breathable clothing especially if you are going during the hot months.
Dri-fit clothes really do feel good when you are sitting in the vehicle for many hours under the sun. They can transition easily to evening wear by the campfire and dining tent.  

Style Tips:
- Up your game with a belt but only if you like. You decide how you want to be comfortable. 
- Important accessory here is hat. Not only does it look good, it is a necessity to protect yourself from the African sun. Baseball cap is just fine. 

I had such a great time planning this family Safari. We surprised Yanni for his 17th birthday in Serengeti. What a lucky kid! 

Style Tips:
- Good shoes. Not only is the ground uneven in some spot but there are twigs, tall grass, tiny creatures - who are much needed by the eco-system, crawling around ++. Up your game with some good hiking shoes that will take you beyond a Safari. Not a fan of those, even your daily sneakers will do.
- It does get cool in the morning and evenings. Scarfs not only keep you warm, but also add some glam. Men, get a vest or fleece jacket with good neck coverage.

Not into style. No worries. You're on Safari. Nobody cares how you dress.
*Just wear closed shoes though. 

Now let's get you on a Journey To Africa Safari.