Your Kids will Thank You.

Going on a Family Safari is a great investment. We are talking high yield in your family memory bank. You will also be alright with the 'Safari bug' you are bound to catch. Everyone who goes on Safari is struck. At this time, they don't have a fix and no one is looking for one. 

children on safari

Investment of Time.

We are all busy. School, work, homework, deadlines, practice, etc. Go, go, go. The list is endless. When you are on Safari, you are forced to take a break from the day to day.

That time spent in the Safari vehicle out game driving, with your camera capturing all that you can see, is time well spent together. Chatting, planning, life talks... it all happens when you have the gift of time. Uninterrupted time. Pauses are always welcomed for a cheetah spotting or an elephant herd. 

You will spend time in the Safari lodges and tented camps; to just chill in the lounge or your room, connecting as a family. You will love our Bush TV time. Take a book, listen to music or write in your journal. Time, moments, together to last a life-time. 

Investment of Education.

Learning never really stops. Whether you are on your winter, spring or summer break - or taking a break from school and learning about the world - the best education is to experience first hand.

Learning happens throughout your Safari. On Safari, you will spend a lot of time with your Safari guide who will share a wealth of information on wildlife. Ask them about conservation efforts. Go to the root of the issue, you will see the other side of the coin. Talk to them about the people. In Tanzania for example, there are 152 tribes - what is their language, tradition, food, clothing and more. If you are going to a Hadza or Maasai village, you may get to partake in oral tradition, the way it was done hundreds of years ago. 

The Safari Lodges will have their own teaching. The crew will share regional dances. Ask them to introduce you to traditional and modern, internationally recognized songs, and of course food. They will incorporate lots of local dishes for you to try out. Be adventurous.

Investment for the future of our Planet. 

"Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." - Miriam Beard.

I have been lucky to plan many family Safaris over the last 16 years for children ranging from 3 years old to 18 years. All come back with the same theme. Thankful.

The children are thankful they got to experience something completely different than what they are used to at home. As a parent, you have just opened their eyes to how other people live in our planet and how we are all connected. Differences to be embraced. Similarities to be celebrated. We need more of that in the world right now.

Help them realize how precious and endangered the wildlife are and how they need our help to be safe. The more we know, the more we can do. And if they have spent time with wildlife, the more they will understand the importance of protecting them for generations to come. 

A few of my children clients who have grown up, continue to sponsor organizations like Rift Valley Children's Fund because they made a stop there when visiting Ngorongoro Crater. Some became supporters of organizations like David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust after stopping by for a visit. 


What Next?

Make your Family investment and head out on a Safari.
We can help you plan one that will be the highlight of your travel memory bank.