Sundowners on Safari.

The word sundowner is making me excited about heading back on Safari.
If you have experienced this glorious time on Safari, let’s exchange our Safari stories. If not, I will try to explain this but words will not do justice. You have to go.

What is a sundowner? Via British dictionary; “an alcoholic drink taken after completing the day's work, usually at sunset.” In the US, we’d say happy hour.

My definition:
It’s that magic time of day you and your family/ friends and maybe new friends you have made while on Safari celebrate the end of the day. It’s the time where your guide and possibly the Safari Lodge crew will set up ‘an outdoor bar’, make your drink of your choice [does not have to be alcoholic], while you are enjoying the magic of the landscape.


A great time to reflect on what you have seen, what more you will see, the serenity of being on Safari in Africa, what is important in life ++ whilst having a nice cocktail watching the golden hour /sunset - I can’t think of a better way to end my day.


You owe it to yourself to experience an African sundowner, at least once in your life, if not more. My experienced sundowners, where to next for your sundowner drink?

Let’s chat.

Capture the Golden Hour.

On every Safari we plan with you, we know you can't wait to experience the amazing wildlife, the people, and much more on your Safari to Tanzania. 

I am going to share another experience on Safari that you will come to love. Natalie and Sheree, two Houston Bloggers who joined me on Safari, and I have some great memories of this epic time. 

The Golden Hour.
What is this hour? If you are a photographer, you know. For those who are curious, it is an hour after sunrise and before sunset.  The light around this time is just amazing. If you are not a morning person, it will make you a morning person on Safari. In the evening, you will eagerly anticipate this time.

In Tarangire.

In Tarangire.

My two Safari stories, where I got to capture Natalie and Sheree with the golden light are:

One. In Tarangire,  we were driving back to Oliver's Camp from our late afternoon game-drive when Julie, the camp manager flagged us down. She had a nice spread of drinks and yummy banana chips with salsa for us to enjoy while we captured this enchanting moment. A family with 5 children from Tennessee where also there with us who entertained us with some cheerleading and football. Not to be outdone, we also danced to Toto's, The Rain's Down in Africa under Sheree's dancing instruction - we have videos to prove. 

Two. After a siesta at Dunia Camp in Serengeti, we set out around 4:30 pm from camp armed with champagne as it was our last night in Serengeti. Our guide found us the perfect spot beside Lake Magadi to capture the magical time while we sipped our champagne. We were all feeling rather emotional at this time. This was our last night together on an amazing Safari in Tanzania. 

In Serengeti.

In Serengeti.

The evenings are all about those minutes where the light just fires up the Earth. Everything looks amazing. The day is saying good-bye, wishing a good night and promising a glorious day on Safari the following day. 

For me, this time always reminds me to feel lucky I get to be on Safari, my absolute favorite place, surrounded by the precious and ever endangered animals in our fragile eco-system. I never want to take these memories for granted.

So happy I got to share this experience with two amazing travel partners who enjoyed it equally and know they too felt the magic power of the golden hour. 

You absolutely must experience this for yourself.  You will never forget this light.