Elephant Day

August 12 - every year.

On this day, all of us who love elephants so much, come together and remind ourselves on why these animals are so precious to us and what we need to keep doing to safe guard their future. 

Serengeti Elephants Marching

Why Love Elephants?
Love them for their intelligence. Love them for the many emotions they display. Love them for their loyalty. Love them for the way they respect the dead. Love them for their grace. Love the little ones for their adorableness. Just love them.

Elephants are not just amazing to experience on Safari, they are incredibly important for our National Parks as a whole. From the water holes they create for other wildlife - especially important in the dry season, the seeds they transfer when they poo, the tree pruning they do along the way and much more. 

Baby Elephant Tanzania Safari

We need your help. Some trustworthy charities + organizations that do many great things for the African Elephant. Together, you and I can keep enjoying these amazing creatures on Safari.

David Sheldrick | WildAid | Elephantopia | Big Life Foundation | HoneyGuide Foundation