If you want to take your Safari to the next level, this IS FOR YOU.
Next level with wildlife information, birds, history, photography, and more.

We have a few specialist guides we like to recommend to you.  They are not only great at what they love to do, they are also our friends and the best part, have been on Safari with them. 

Why would you go with them? They know details. For example, I was on Safari with Paul Oliver in Lake Natron region and he would tell me historical facts about how the Maasai got here 400 years ago from the current Ethiopia region and how their cows /cattle is making the area into a dessert and what that is doing to the wildlife in this corridor. Erosion, how the Great East Africa Rift Valley will split, how old are the hills and the rocks, the wildebeest of Serengeti are different from the wildebeest of Rift Valley, history of the horse and rhino and much more. Are you a birder? Then be ready to get a more than a few lifers checked.

This knowledge comes from extensive reading, research, talking to the locals, the researchers and getting out in the field. It comes from training and listening to other guides. It is from years of taking clients on Safari. 

If this is the type of guiding you enjoy, email us and we will plan a Safari with one of our specialist guide. 

My friend specialist guide Paul Oliver and I.

My friend specialist guide Paul Oliver and I.