Let's get your heart pumping and hair raising by exploring and camping in our private area in Serengeti National Park.

Safari Highlights:

Day 1 Woot. You are in Arusha, Tanzania. We will transfer you to your lodge for some zzzs. 

Day 2   Let's start your Safari in Tarangire National Park, home to the intelligent, maternal yet endangered elephants. 

Day 3   Tarangire River and Silale Swamp are life lines to the many animals that call Tarangire home.    

Day 4   Head to your camp in Ngorongoro Highland. Enjoy an afternoon  walking Safari with the Maasai elder. 

Day 5   Keep your eye peeled for an array of wildlife in this 12 mile radius Ngorongoro Crater

Day 6    Drive to Central Serengeti and overnight in our Pembezoni Camp.

Day 7    Off you go on your Serengeti Walk in our private area with our walking guide. Serengeti Wilderness Camp.

Day 8    Spend time looking down and finding footprints to observing the amazing little creatures. Serengeti Wilderness Camp.

Day 9    Adios private Serengeti.  Head back to the shared Serengeti. East, West, North or South will depend on the month. 

Day 10   Leopards or cheetahs -- use your binoculars to 'spot' them in the savannah bushes of Serengeti

Day 11    Fly from Serengeti to Arusha. Shanga lunch. Tour Arusha. Freshen up and to the airport. 

Safari note.

The Serengeti Walking Safari is a guideline. Read our blog for our walking Safari experience. 
We custom each Safari. The Safari Price will depend on how much time you have on Safari, how many people are in your group, what month you are going to be on Safari, what style of lodging your prefer, if you have children under 16 years, is it green season, activities on your Safari and more.

Our Serengeti Walking Safaris start at $600 per person per night. 
Let’s chat about your Safari.

Walking in the our private Serengeti.

Walking in the our private Serengeti.