Serengeti Safari Camp in Serengeti National Park

With only 8 camps, this luxury mobile camps moves around the vast Serengeti eco-system to position you in the best location to witness the Great Wildebeest and Zebra Migration close enough or right by your patio.  


Each of the rooms are built with the intention of moving around without damaging the environment. With that said, never worry about how comfortable these rooms are. You have your own private bathroom with running 'bucket' style shower and your eco-friendly toilet. Robes, towels, bathroom amenities like shampoo, conditioner, bath soap and lotions are all available. 


There is a family room – two room with a suite in-between – never too far away from your children. You will also have your own bathroom. Your children picky eaters? Let us know what they like in advance and our chefs will make them their favorite meal. Sometimes, they will even get to make their meal. 

Little extras like each room will have rain boots for you to wear for your walk to the lounge area. Do remember to shake it before you wear them. The crew will explain why. 


Fire extinguisher, conservation information, flash light, blow horn, etc all will be in your room.

The lounge area is a good place to come relax. We also have a charging station here and you can access wi-fi -- time to share your Safari with family and friends. Maybe make plans to come back and visit another area of Serengeti. 

The bar area is well stocked with many different kinds of beer, delicious South African wines with maybe wines from other places as well, soft drinks, coffee, tea and more.

Grab a drink on arrival from your game drive before you relax on our over stuffed couches and catch up on a nap or write in
your journal.

Serengeti Safari Camp in Serengeti

One thing consistent with all the Nomad Tanzania camps is the quality of food. Light, fresh, tasty lunches to a more cozy dinner and always dessert that does not weight you down ... unless you tuck in a bit more because you will be tempted.

Lunch will not be a soagy affair anymore. The chefs want you to enjoy your lunch out on game drives as well. Expect warm sandwiches or chicken, an array of fresh fruits ... all with coffee and tea to enjoy in the middle of the National Park.

One thing is for sure, Serengeti Safari Camp is glamping at it’s finest in amazing Serengeti National Park. Have time? Combine Serengeti Safari Camp with its sister lodge, the beautiful bush chic Lamai Serengeti in Northern Serengeti.