Climb the highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro at 19,340 ft. A journey to savor with every step.  Relax your sore muscles and tired feet after your trek up and down the mountain on a pampering Safari.

Day 1    After all the training, you are finally in Tanzania. We will take you to the town of Moshi, the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Day 2   A day to acclimatize in town of Moshi. Meet + greet with your guide[s] and large crew. Get ready for your adventure. 

Day 3   Day 1 on Mt. Kilimanjaro - pole, pole [slowly, slowly] head to First Camp.

Day 4   Day 2 on Mt. Kilimanjaro - montane forests leading to dessert like condition to Kikelewa Cave.

Day 5   Day 3 on Mt. Kilimanjaro - Hang in there. Keep going to Mawenzi Camp 

Day 6   Day 4 on Mt. Kilimanjaro - A day of acclimatization on this altitude. Sleep at Mawenzi Camp.

Day 7   Day 5 - Alright, moment of truth. You are heading to your last camp, Kibo Camp, upwards on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Day 8   Day 6 - Whatever the outcome, you tackled Mt. Kilimanjaro. After being on the top, head down to Horombo Hut. 

Day 9   Day 7. Descend to Moshi and base camp. Enjoy drinks with your crew. Time to share your stories.

Day 10  Your Tanzanian Safari start after a relaxing morning. Slowly make your way to Ngorongoro Region. 

Day 11   From the hippo pool to the Lake Magadi, explore this 12-mile radius that is Ngorongoro Crater.

Day 12   Drive or fly to wildlife-rich Serengeti National Park. 

Day 13   North, south, east or west, we will determine where in Serengeti is the best depending on the month of your Safari.   

Day 14   What shall we see in Serengeti? The hundreds of thousands of wildebeest that make the 1.5 million wildebeest strong.

Day 15   Last sunrise before you fly from Serengeti to Kilimanjaro Airport. Relax and freshen up before you fly back home. 

Safari note.
The Kilimanjaro to Wildlife is a guideline.
We customize each Safari. The Safari Price will depend on how much time you have on Safari, how many people are in your group, what month you are going to be on Safari, what style of lodging your prefer, if you have children under 16 years, is it green season, activities on your Safari and more.

Our Luxury Safaris start at $400 per person per night. 
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The Wildebeest Migration slow grunting their way to Northern Serengeti.

The Wildebeest Migration slow grunting their way to Northern Serengeti.