Jane Goodall has spent years with chimpanzees of Mahale. Now it is your turn to get a glimpse into her fascinating chimpanzee world. While you are at it, enjoy fishing in the deepest lake in Africa, Lake Tanganyika.

There are two scheduled flights on Monday and Thursday to Mahale from Safari destination.

Day 1  Fly into Mahale from your wildlife Safari destination. Take a boat ride on Lake Tanganyika to the lovely Greystoke Mahale.

Day 2  Trek the Mahale Mountains and soak in the amazing chimpanzees. Make Jane Goodall proud. Greystoke Mahale.

Day 3  After your trek, go fishing in deep blue Lake Tanganyika before enjoying a sunset cruise on the dhow. Greystoke Mahale.

Day 4  Besides the chimps, say good-bye to the other celebrity, Big Bird the pelican. Fly away from paradise onwards ...

Safari note.
The Chimps and Lake Tanganyika Safari can be 3 or 4 nights.
*We customize each Safari. The Safari Price will depend on how much time you have on Safari, how many people are in your group, what month you are going to be on Safari, what style of lodging your prefer, the age of your children -- we have discounts for children under 16 years, are they sharing or staying with you in your family room, is it green season, activities on your Safari and more.

Our Luxury Safaris start at $450 per person per night. The chimps extension start at $1300 per person per night.
Together, let us Start Your Safari Now.

Chimp relaxing on the tree.

Chimp relaxing on the tree.