"Amazing Trip to Africa."

I have known Aarthi and Prabath B. for a long time. Prabath's brother, Prasanth and I went to university together, and Prasanth and his wife Ali went on Safari in 2004 when the now glamorous Sayari Camp had just opened and was a luxury mobile camp. When you have been planning Safaris for as long as I have, you see a lot of evolutions. 

When Aarthi and Prabath emailed to say it's now their time to go on a Safari, I knew I had to make their Safari just as special as Prasanth and Ali's. I meet them at a coffee shop in Houston where I started taking notes. After listening and sharing ideas about their lodging style, activity interest, etc., I knew I had to incorporate Oliver's Camp, Plantation Lodge and Lamai Serengeti to their August itinerary - yes, I did give them the choice of Sayari Camp - but Lamai Serengeti won. 

It was such a pleasure showing Tanzania to Aarthi and Prabath Boya. 

The happy couple with some great backgrounds. Memories to last a lifetime.


They saw an abundance of wildlife on Safari including a crocodile dragging a wildebeest down when unsuccessfully trying to cross the Mara River and leopard mating in Serengeti.
What a sight that must have been to see!


Choice of lodges.
You don't have to go far sometimes to see wildlife. Here they are, enjoy an afternoon siesta at Oliver's Camp and Lamai Serengeti when elephants and zebras came close to their room. One of the reasons why we are picky about the lodge choices - you always want to be part of the environment, not secluded behind glass windows - unless you want that experience as well.  

Oliver's Camp
Lamai Serengeti

"A huge thank you to Mefi Pishori Alapat and Journey To Africa Safari for arranging our amazing African Safari. Loved every minute of our perfect vacation from the beautiful lodges to the incredible guides. And best of all, we can check the great wildebeest migration off our bucket list! Can't wait to go back!"

For more of their photographs, see their albums on Facebook.
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