Dunia Camp in Central Southern Serengeti

Dunia Camp in located in Central Southern Serengeti. Why am I emphasizing the Southern part? That is because Central Serengeti tends to be busy with many lodges hence the number of vehicles do go up during peak season which tends to be mid-June to August. Dunia Camp gets you away from the crowds. When you get to the location of the camp, it feels remote, just the way I like my lodges to be - away from the crowds. 

Dunia Camp, Serengeti, Tanzania

When you come from Southern Serengeti or Central Serengeti, you will find the wide open plains and then when you approach this part of Serengeti, the terrain changes to more woody and forest. This is perfect for the elephants who depend on the trees, the leopards who take shelter on the branches as well as the Wildebeest Migration that moves through this area from April to June. 

And nicely tucked away it is this luxury camp. 

Dunia Camp, Serengeti, Tanzania
dunia camp serengeti tanzania

This camp is all glamping because it is a permanent Safari tented camp. The large rooms are built on a base board so your views of the Serengeti is the morning are nicer. There is a patio outside high up so you can enjoy the views of Lake Magadi in a distance or the birds and animals that do come to roam close to the tent.

The enclosed bathrooms have flush loo and on-demand showers. Water is heater via solar panels. Also in the bathroom is a mini-closet to get super comfortable if you are going to be here for 2-3 night minimum - highly recommended. 


The crew at Dunia Camp is run by mostly female.

Yes, you heard it right. Angel, the lady manager decided to undertake this mission with the help of Asilia Africa co-founder Bas. He has been encouraging women to lead since opening the camps in Tanzania as well as in Kenya. Tanzania being the male dominant society, this endeavor was met with skepticism. It was thought not possible but with training and good leadership, we wish the ladies team at Dunia Camp all the best of luck.

The resident driver-guide are women as well which is not too common in Tanzania. With training from specialist guide, we know they will give the clients the best of knowledge. 

Good food and drinks, great ambiance of Serengeti and Lake Magadi, amazing bush TV views under the African skies, Dunia Camp is a must-stop on Safari in Serengeti if you are going to be in Central Serengeti either for a the whole time on your Tanzania Safari or passing through to other regions of Serengeti.

Dunia Camp, Serengeti, Tanzania
dunia camp serengeti tanzania

Don't you wish you were enjoying this Serengeti view for breakfast on Safari. 
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