Selous Game reserve

Selous Game Reserve is one of the largest reserves in Africa. Located in South Eastern Tanzania, Selous should be added to your places to visit because of the variety of activities that you can experience from here. There is always the amazing game driving but you have access to long walking Safaris; boating on the mighty life-line of Selous, the Rufiji River or on Lake Tagalala and fishing for some of the exotic fishes of Africa like the Tiger Fish. 

So many memorable moments in Selous.

Elephants in Selous
lion on walking safari

Lion up close. On our long walk from Sand River Selous with guide Ernest, first aid responder John and my client Sally, we spotted a lion couple lounging about 100 ft away from us. Talk about a hair raising experience but oh so awesome. 

The elephants herd. With a large elephant population in Selous, though poaching statics are looking grim, we were pretty close to these mighty giants. Such a joy to shoot them with a camera. I wish people would only do that. 

hippo looking at us

Monkey-business. On our boat ride to Stiegler's gorge, we were thoroughly entertained by monkeys who displaced all the human emotions. From the adult monkey scolding and breaking up a squabble, the playfulness of the babies, the grooming; Sally and I enjoyed floating on our boat longer to laugh at their show-boating.

Until the hippos started giving us the death stare and we decided to keep on moving. 

fish eagle

Birds. A pro-birders or just like birds, brace yourself. You will be in photographic heaven. So many birds. The water birds to the land birds, bird galore. 

Wild dogs. Still searching for them but they are here. 

breakfast in selous

Full blown picnic with kitchen in the middle of Selous after a walking Safari. Talk about a surprise around the bend of the corner. And a well deserved meal -especially for me- after a nice long walk / mini-trot, trying to keep up with my friend Sally who is an expert hiker. She even goes on night treks without an light.

Oh the joys of being on Safari. 
Selous will truely leave you with some great Safari memories. Karibu Selous.