KWIHALA CAMP in Ruaha National Park.

I can see you spending many nights in Kwihala Camp, a luxury tented lodge in wild Ruaha National Park. Many nights you say? First, you need at least 3 days to explore this stunning National Park.  Trust me, you will thank me. Then, you have this lovely little camp where you can completely unwind after not only Safari game driving but also daily walking Safaris and night game drives. So yes, many nights!

The large roomy tent with attached bathroom on the side. 

The large roomy tent with attached bathroom on the side. 

I felt privileged to be in vast Ruaha National Park, with Sally, a client who trusts me in planning her many Safaris to Tanzania. 

Kwihala Camp, a camp where you fly in and fly out from, has some of the best guides in the Safari business. One such guide is Pietro Luraschi, who has been published by Africa Geographic. Guiding at it's finest. 

In comes professional guide Lorenzo Rossi. I was really excited to meet him as I had been following his work. He is one of the training experts in Tanzania as well as a skilled photographer. I also learnt he does not like to wear shoes. Well then. Leverd was learning the ropes of guiding.

Kwihala Camp in Ruaha National Park

There are currently 8 rooms at Kwihala Camp.  The distance between the tents are well spaced out to give you bush privacy. Far away where you can't hear the person snoring but close enough where a scream will not go unheard. Umh, try to keep in mind that geckos are your constant companions.

Power for charging your electronics is generated by solar panels. An electric fan is there to keep you cool during the hot months of October to February March. Walkie-talkie for the emergency calls which we hope never has to be used. Flashlight for the walks back and forth. If you need anything extra, just ask Sandy or any of the staff members and they will help.

The beaded styled bathroom has all the amenities to make this a comfortable stay. Flush toilets, running sink water though conservation is always appreciated, bucket shower with enough water, soap, shampoo and conditioner and a cozy bathrobe to snuggle.

With our fantastic Kwihala Camp guides.

With our fantastic Kwihala Camp guides.

Evenings have to be by the campfire. Stories shared, glasses of wine had, owl call followed and spotted under the African skies, banana chips to be crunched, stars to be gazed. Safari Life is AmaZing. 

We also enjoyed an amazing walking Safari and night game drive with Lorenzo, Leverd and our Ranger Chris. A special thank you is worth mentioning to our rangers on the ground who protect our precious wildlife. On that day, a delicious lantern-lite dinner await us on arrival. Banana stew [mtori], bbq ribs, rice pillau [rice with lots of spices], grilled fish, roast potatoes and more. Pure delight.

I look forward to returning to Kwihala Camp in wild Ruaha.