Kiota Camp in Serengeti national park

Kiota Camp is lovely permanently tented camp located in Central Serengeti, taking advantage of the year-round wildlife viewing the Seronera Valley and nearby areas have to offer. Even though we have this camp under mid-luxury tented camps, there is nothing mid-luxury about this camp except their Safari rates - we are good friends with the owners of the camp and they give us preferred rates. Win-win for all. 
The service, the rooms, the bathrooms, food, etc. all are top notch. 


Kiota Camp operates off the grid and relies on a custom built solar system for its power. Room fabrics are hand woven African designs, and the camp's furniture and decor were designed and built by local artisans in Arusha. 

Kiota Camp - Bath details.jpg

Each tent has a queen bed and a writing desk to catalogue your daily thoughts. One family tent is available which can accommodate 2, squeezing in 3, children under 13 years- the parents tent is connected to the kids tents via a lounge area.

All tents have enclosed bathroom that separates from the main room. The bathrooms are equipped with flush toilet and just-enough-water-to enjoy-a-good-shower bucket shower. Safari style showers are awesome. 

You will enjoy this lovely camp when on Safari in Serengeti.