Magical Greystoke Mahale, where you experience Chimps.

Greystoke Mahale sits on a pristine, white sandy beach overlooking the turquoise water of Lake Tanganyika, with the forested slopes of the 8000 ft Mahale Mountains rising behind.


Each of the rooms are tucked in the back into the forest line, so that your only view is of beach, and the lake beyond.  The rooms are almost entirely made from sustainable materials sourced here on Lake Tanganyika.

All the wood was reclaimed from wrecked or retired dhows bought (after much haggling) from villages along the lakeshore.  We’ve used old fisherman’s canoes as ladders and thatch from palm trees gathered outside the national park for the roofs.


Chimpanzee Trekking.


When do you start trekking?
The trekkers go ahead early morning to find the chimps. If they find the chimps, the call for us to start the trek. If chimps are not spotted that day for a variety of reasons like rain, too high, you get to enjoy the many other activities offered from Greystoke Mahale like fishing, hippo spotting, swimming, beach games, reading, etc.

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Your day can start at the main mess area, eating breakfast whilst waiting to hear news of the chimps and deciding when to start chimp trekking or do something else with your day.

Evenings end with sundowners on the rocks of the headland, where drinks are served around the lamp-lit bar whilst the mountains, rising behind camp, disappear into the darkness.


There are two areas in Greystoke Mahale to enjoy your time. The main mess area or the bar area on the rocks - where the deck is situated. The evening views from both are the areas are magic. You can enjoy a camp fire by the shores of Lake Tanganyika. 


Greystoke affects us in a way that no other place does; we think it's because of its remoteness, and because of the mountains rising from the beach at our backs, the wide lake with its many different moods and the feeling that we are the only ones here.

Little has changed since we first landed on the beach.