What age is right for a Family Safari?

What is the right age to take your child[ren] on a Safari? I get that question from my past clients, who now have families of their own and want to share that experience, to potential clients. I have had clients as young as 3 years of age to a 16-year-old who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to the summit. Realistically however, I would say over 8+ years of age.

Some luxury tented lodges like Olakira Camp do not allow children under the age of 6 years – can be dangerous as there is walking in the dark and sometimes depending on the child, not fair to the other guests who are there for peace and quiet.

Around the ages of 8 +, you will have a budding Safari goer.

– They will be interested in participating in the Safari planning which is a great way for them to get excited.
– They can sit through the long international flights and airport plus vehicle transfers.
– They will appreciate the fun stuff, get excited about seeing the many animals in the beautiful national parks and more.
– They will remember the interaction along the way. Some families incorporate more cultural stops on their Safari – a great way for children to experience another culture and come back hopefully with an appreciation of how other’s live.
– They will just appreciate the whole adventure.

One of my favorite feedback came from a then 14-year-old - hi Alex - who said popcorn was his favorite 'dessert' and at Oliver’s Camp in Tarangire, he had popcorn by the fire. He was really excited. Now that is a memory worth sharing.

Children on Safari

These two, they are just lucky kids of mine. They accompanied me on my Safari to Tanzania.
And they remember.