honeymoon safari

Honeymoon Safari in Africa.

Congratulations on your engagement! The best thing you have done is finding your love.
The second best thing you are doing is talking to us about your Honeymoon Safari. Being on Safari, with the one you love, will be the icing on your cake. 

Dunia Camp Serengeti Tanzania

Having planned many honeymoon Safaris over the years, we have a few tips on what made their honeymoon a success. Take one tip or take all.

Let's start the planning ...

Start off with some rest.

  • Let's take you straight to the beaches of Zanzibar Island or exclusive Mnemba Island. You can catch some zzz's for a few days, enjoy massages by the Indian Ocean water and take leisure strolls on the beach. Recover from your wedding in paradise. 
  • Go to one of the National Parks or Rubondo Island with the intent of chilling. Safaris are usually a go-go affair. You usually wake up early to see the sunrise out in the park and can finish the day out. Instead, we will choose a lovely lodge or tented camp with great views from your room. You will still be part of the wilderness experience ... from your room. 

Stay longer in one spot.

  • One of the things I learnt from my own honeymoon is the art of staying in one place for a bit longer. There is nothing worse then having to pack and unpack and move especially the first few nights when you are exhausted. 

That one extra thing besides wildlife.

Take your honeymoon to the next level. We know just how to do that. 

  • Have a blessing ceremony. We can organize a Maasai ceremony at our camp in Ngorongoro Region with a Maasai elder. Stop at a local religious center in the town of Arusha. We can organize a blessing with the local worship leader.  
  • Hire a honeymoon photographer to capture your Honeymoon Safari memories. We can have the photographer shadow you for a day or two, or if you want, the whole Safari. You decide. 
  • Donate. Instead of getting gifts from your guests at your wedding, ask to give maybe a portion to a charity in Tanzania. Then go see how your donation will be put to good use. We are sponsors to many wonderful charities in Tanzania. We know your money will be put to great use. Ask us and we can match the organization with your interest.

Excited! Great. 
Together, let's create a perfect honeymoon Safari for you and your loved one.