Luxury Travel

What is a Luxury Safari?

Luxury is relative to each one of us. 

Are you going to be happy with a perfectly good 5 gallon bucket private shower or do you need endless water and a bubble-bath tub? Can you handle a wilderness tent if it means enjoying a walking Safari away from the main camp? Just you and the open space.  
Or both as isn't travel the place to test our limits as well as indulge. 

We want to know more about your expectations on Safari. We have choices we can offer you on your Luxury Safari.

Luxury Safari in Serengeti

Whatever your travel style, 4 things you are guaranteed when enjoying a Luxury Safari with Journey To Africa.

Our Safaris take care of you from arrival into any airport in Tanzania or Kenya to when we drop you off at the airport for your flight home. “Safaris are like grandmothers” – Susan Portnoy, a photographer mentioned. All the care with the warm and fuzzy.

You don't have to worry about opening your wallet when on Safari. All is taken care before you leave for your Safari. From your Safari vehicle with your expert guide, national park and conservation fees, meals, drinks which will be available in your vehicle, local flights, transfers mentioned, etc. You have to take care shopping and tips to the guide and crew. 

What we insist you must do is sit back and relax! You are on Safari.

Journey To Africa Safari Guide

Many studies 
show that happy people are those who have accumulated experiences and memories in their lives. We aim to enhance your happiness.
“Travel is my therapy.”

How do we plan on doing that?

  • Via our guides and their knowledge, warmth, patience and more. 
    To our first timer on Safari to our fifth timer client, our guides are our backbone. They help make great memories and experiences on your Safari. They are also our ambassadors. They will make you fall in love with being on Safari.
  • Attention to details as well as adding memories to your Safari.  
    We make sure all the dots and crosses are checked for your Safari. The adding memories part, we don’t want to give away too much but it’s the little things that make the big memories happen.
Breakfast on Journey To Africa Safari

We pay lots of attention to the lodge or tented camp we choose for you.
This is a big part of your Safari budget and the selection has to work for you.

Right Place and Right Time.
Crucial. We want you to maximize your wildlife viewing hence the lodges or tented camp has to be in the right place for the time of your travel. We will not go to a lodge or tented camp just because it is beautiful if it is not the right time to be in that area especially in Serengeti where you follow the Wildebeest and Zebra Migration. However, if going there is extremely important for you, we can make that happen or if you have extended time on Safari, sure. 

Right Fit.
We have a range of preferred lodges and tented camps, in different budgets, for us to recommend to you. Are you a family, multigenerational family, on honeymoon or anniversary, friend group, solo ... the lodge and tented camp will be suggested accordingly. The core values can not be compromised - food quality, room amenities, staff service, ambiance of the lodge, etc. Even if you are 'roughing it' with our wilderness camping, the core expectations have to be met for us to offer them to you.


Our criteria when choosing the lodges we recommend is that they have to have the 3 Cs. Conservation + Community + Carbon off-setting ethos.

Your dollars must help out in a lot of behind the scenes effort. The ability to assist the visiting country, it’s people and the precious wildlife. When picking the lodges or tented camps we recommend, this is a big priority. 

Family Safari

Whether it is wildlife conservation via Honeyguide Foundation with our ground partners or supporting a sustainable orphanage by building a fully equipped bakery like Rhotia Valley Tented Lodge or off setting carbon footprints like our walking Safari partners.

Our lodges also support a lot of families. A staff member in our lodge will take care of 4-6 + family members at home. Your Safari dollars will go a long way on your Safari in Tanzania.

Ask us for more details on each lodge and tented camp and which organization or charity each supports. 

We hope you will enjoy a Luxury Safari with Journey To Africa.