Being with your family on a Safari is sure way to create stories that will be shared over family dinner for years to come. We have planned Safaris for immediate family as well as extended family. The joy grandparents have taking children and grandchildren is immeasurable. We have had many such families on Safari. 

Day 1    Welcome to Arusha with your family. We will have your VIP access ready so we can transfer you to your lodge. 

Day 2    We will immerse you into local Tanzanian life. Spend time visiting a school in Arusha or going to a Maasai Village.  

Day 3    Our guides will share more than wildlife at Tarangire National Park. They will share their family and life in Tanzania. 

Day 4    Also enjoy the Tarangire elephant family on Safari. See how the herd takes care of each other. Family first!

Day 5     Bump along the rough roads to Lake Eyasi within the Great East African Rift Valley. Swim off the dust. 

Day 6    Spend the day with the hunter gather Hadzabe Tribe. Your day will be determined by their agenda. 

Day 7     Let's talk. What do you want to do? Visit a home we support, glimpse life in a village, ride a bike, play soccer. 

Day 8     Start early and go down to Ngorongoro Crater. Here, millions of years ago, stood a mountain higher than Kilimanjaro. 

Day 9     Drive or fly to every interesting Serengeti. You will get your young one away from the Ipad. 

Day 10   Slow down and soak in the array of wildlife that call Serengeti home.

Day 11    Besides wildlife, Serengeti is just breathtaking to drive through. Get out of the car and take time to sketch it all. 

Day 12     Fly from Serengeti to Kilimanjaro Airport.  Day room to freshen up before you fly home with loads of Safari stories. 

Safari note.
The Family Safari is a guideline.
We customize each Safari. The Safari Price will depend on how much time you have on Safari, how many people are in your group, what month you are going to be on Safari, what style of lodging your prefer, the age of your children -- we have discounts for children under 16 years, are they sharing or staying with you in your family room, is it green season, activities on your Safari and more.

Our Luxury Safaris start at $400 per person per night. 
Together, let us Start Your Safari Now.

Grandparents Floyd and Barbara with their daughter Jacklyn, son-in-law Martin and grandson James.

Grandparents Floyd and Barbara with their daughter Jacklyn, son-in-law Martin and grandson James.